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20 In. Grip upper extremity using massive Handle Silver Machined Finish

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20 In. Grip upper extremity using massive Handle Silver Machined Finish

. The Kupo 20 In. Grip tricep / bicep having major Handle is a 2 1/2 In. grip head mounted on the end of a 20 In. piece of stee tubing 5/8 In. (16mm) in diameter. The covering of the tubing is painstakingly machined to style and design a rough texture to ensure that a non-slip surface. The 2-1/2 In. grip head consists of a pair of rotating aluminium light-weight discs attached to a 5/8 In. (16 mm) receiver. The discs have four different sized ''V'' shaped jaws to accept any accessory having a 5/8 In. 1/2 In. 3/8 In. or 1/4 In. mounting stud or tubing. The ''V'' shaped jaws have ''teeth'' that grab whatever is mounted between the plates securely. The 2-1/2 In. grip head features an oversized ergonomic ''T'' handle and dedicated roller bearings made for highest conceivable torque. The grip head uses a non-slip aluminium light-weight friction disc that will manage its endurance over time that features the user positive locking strength and precise dea and is constructed approximately a stable stee central bolt having a fixed stable pin to secure it to the aluminium light-weight casting for amplified strength and durability. The 20 In. grip tricep / bicep is almost always used in conjunction having a 2 1/2 In. grip head giving you finish versatility to position a gobo ''go between the gentle and a subject'' such as flags scrims and silks as effectively as many other equipment virtually anywhere. Features: 5/8 In. 1/2 In. 3/8 In. & 1/4 In. ''V'' Shaped Mounting Jaws Non-Slip aluminium light-weight Friction Disc 20 In. Machined stee 5/8'' (16mm) tricep / bicep stable stee Central Bolt Oversized ''T'' Handle Dedicated Roller Bearings

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20 In. Grip upper


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