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Pure Fitness 2 Thick Foam-Padded Vinyl Upholstered FID Weight Bench using 400 lb. Weight Capacity and Built-In Leg pick up and Curl

Pure Fitness 2 Thick Foam Padded Vinyl Upholstered FID

The Pure Fitness FID Weight Bench thru leg curl is correctly suited for a broad variety of muscle-building and main strengthening routines. This

Pure Fitness Vinyl-Upholstered Powder-Coated Mid-Width Weight Bench together with Dual-Function Leg Developer and Padded Preacher Pad

Pure Fitness Vinyl Upholstered Powder Coated Mid Width

Whether you''re a seasoned lifter or just entering the world of weight training, the Pure Fitness Multi-Purpose Mid-Width Weight Bench has everything

Pure Fitness Foam-Padded Vinyl-Upholstered Contoured Inversion Table having varying Leg Height and Curved Handles

Pure Fitness Foam Padded Vinyl Upholstered Contoured

The Pure Fitness Inversion Table produces all the benefits of inversion therapy while maintaining a smaller profile than many other tables -


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